Raw Materials

We are committed to get our super frozen tuna, fish and seafood from trusted sources which supply the highest possible quality. We exercise high level of control over product quality and guarantees product integrity.

Super Freezer Storage

Besides keeping our frozen fish and seafood in normal freezers, we also have super freezer that can reach -60ºC where we store super frozen tuna to maintain quality.


Our processing facility is equipped with high grade machines and equipments used in food manufacturing. We adopt a systematic approach to eliminate risk and hazard to ensure food safety and hygiene, through constant monitoring and continuous staff training.


Finished products are sampled and tested for quality before they are packed in food-grade packaging materials that will keep them safe from contamination during storage and transportation.

Quality Control

Strict quality controls are practiced at each stage of the process flow to ensure compliance to food safety and quality standards. We conduct regular checks and maintenance of the premise, machines and equipments to ensure they meet safety and hygiene standards.

Research & Development

We study and upgrade our processes through vigorous monitoring and validation methodology. Through adopting the latest technologies and innovation, we strive to produce better and new products.


Besides sourcing our raw materials from sustainable sources, we also strive to recycle, reuse and reduce wastes derived from our operations. We convert our fish waste into fish feed which then goes back to the food cycle.


Questions about us? We are happy to answer them.