Minister for Trade & Industry Gan Kim Yong Officiates Opening Ceremony of Our New Processing Facility & Launch of Wholesale Trade Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025

Minister for Trade & Industry Mr. Gan Kim Yong holding opening ceremony plaque
Minister for Trade & Industry Mr. Gan Kim Yong handing over signed opening ceremony plaque
Photo credit: Enterprise Singapore

On 5 January 2023, Minister for Trade & Industry, Mr. Gan Kim Yong officiated the opening of our new processing facility & at the same time he launched the Wholesale Trade Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025. Having served over 90 countries and more than 5 decades in the industry processing 24,000 metric tonnes of seafood each year, we plan to do way more through digital integration in our new processing facility.

Mr. Loy showing products to Mr. Gan for innovation efforts
Mr. Alvin Loy, founder and CEO of FISH, showcasing FISH’s range of products to Mr. Gan

Every single day we seize the challenge of improving the way we source, process and produce seafood products. We look at the gaps, identify opportunities and collaborate with partners to create fresh ideas. We create better tasting, exceptional quality fish and seafood for today and the future.

Mr. Gan trying out Reelli's plant based products
Mr. Gan trying out Reelli’s plant based products

As part of our innovation efforts, our research and development team, Reelli, is working towards creating more seafood and dairy products with the use of in-house fermented mushroom mycelium and in-house modified plant protein blends to enable texture, taste, and nutrition in our food development.

Automated PW-Saw
Mr. Gan observing PW-Saw in action
FISH processing facility
Mr. Loy showing Mr. Gan around FISH’s processing facility
automated thermoforming machine
Thermoforming machine in operation
Photo credit: Enterprise Singapore
Semi-Automatic Carton Sealing Machine
Mr. Gan observing Semi-Automatic Carton Sealing Machine

FISH is a fine example of a seafood trading company that has grown its operations globally and evolved to keep pace with changes within the industry. The new processing facility enhances FISH’s capabilities and competitive edge by integrating automated processing technology into its operations, enabling the company to optimise its workforce.

Mr. Gan

As we take on higher value-added goals, we have adopted digital solutions alongside with data analytics, programming, and carbon footprint management. Through the integration of automation and tech upgrades, our productivity has increased by more than 50%. We also plan to further increase our workforce. With 39 employees as of today, we plan to grow our workforce to 100 within the next few months.

Mr. Gan and Mr. Lee Pak Sing, Assistant Chief Executive of EnterpriseSG, with FISH
Mr. Gan and Mr. Lee Pak Sing, Assistant Chief Executive of EnterpriseSG, with FISH
Mr. Gan and Mr. Lee Pak Sing with FISH key players
Mr. Gan and Mr. Lee Pak Sing with FISH key players

My heartiest congratulations to Alvin Loy, CEO and Founder of FISH, and his team on the opening of FISH’s new facility. I look forward to seeing many more of our wholesale traders become competitive players on the global stage.

Mr. Gan

Thank you Ministry of Trade & Industry Singapore and Enterprise Singapore for making this possible. We are privileged to be part of this initiative. Through this we hope to become more competitive on the global stage.

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